Having wanted to create a piece of work which depicts the zeitgeist and general feeling of discontent amongst the many citizens of Europe. I thought it proper to focus on the coverage that gained most traction internationally and which, at the same time, had the potential of resonating with the general public.  That movement was to be the 'Les Gilets Jaunes" in France.
A group that was organised on social media without the; influence, guidance or any such provocations from any single political party or union. Yet, it managed to bring together the people whom are either politically minded to the left or to the right, to protest and speak with one voice and challenge the status quo. 
They marched onto the streets under a banner which called for Emmanuel Macron (Chef de l'État) to retract on his economic reforms or face countless weekends of civil unrest. 
The artwork was created inside Adobe Photoshop with a mixture of 3D elements made in Adobe fuse, which were later accompanied by a selection of bitmap images.  The video on the other hand saw Maya's 3D renderer 'Arnold' in action, in the form of the red flag flowing in the breeze as musical track comes in.
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