This composition came into being, much later, after I was asked to perform a cut-out onto a white background for the following skin-care products seen here below…What followed after was completely off-script (do scroll down).
Feeling that I could potentially do something more with the asset, I came up with a concept which aimed to fall within the realms of billboard advertising.  For this I needed to build a narrative around the product.  After researching the Manhattan based dermatological practice online, what stood out for me, were the following lines of text;

“Life is for living, leave the skin care to the experts”.
“…healthy skin should be obtained by all”.
“…designed for active lifestyles.

These three lines set me off in the direction of developing a narrative, which sees a modern; strong-minded, health/fitness conscious, female urbanite.  Doing an activity, which is by nature, inclusive to all able bodies.  Her sight for the next hour, is to complete her only objective for the cross the Brooklyn bridge at pace - connecting the Brooklyn district to Manhattan (a subtle reference here to the clinic’s location). 

Our protagonist is seen standing with her back to the viewer, hands on hips, observing the distance between herself and the tower, which marks the imaginary finishing line. Her silhouette has been scaled up, cropped out, darkened and out of focus for purposeful effect.

I didn’t want the viewer’s observation to stay fixed on the charter's sensuality or attire, but instead to be drawn to the vista and the relationship, in terms of scale between the structure and our protagonist . Invoking a "David and Goliath" moment. 
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