Below is a fashion inspired image of two engagement rings, which run parallel to each other. Both pieces of jewellery have been edited and placed on a graphically created environment.  The work was designed to target a female audience within her mid-twenties to early thirties - both in relationships awaiting to take the next step.  
For this to have achieved the desired effect, light chroma tones that fell within the rosé side of the colour spectrum were purposefully selected as the hue of choice.  The rings themselves, went through a thorough editing process, with meticulous effort going into each diamond cluster.  Similarly an extensive cleaning process toke place on the ring band itself, taking out; scratches, unwanted reflections and smudges.  The surface were the rings rest upon, as well as it's surroundings, were created in post-production to compliment the gobo lit model shot on the left-hand side.
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